Saturday, April 13, 2013

Maglev Wind Turbine

The Maglev wind turbine is the one of the type has interesting design. Working principle of the turbine is a little differ from the other ones. Magnetic levitation differs this turbine from the other classical turbines. Why magnetic levitation ? Magnetic levitation is one of the most efficient system for the wind energy.

MagLev Wind Turbine
Maglev wind turbine
As it seen in the picture also, it is a vertical axis wind turbine. Vertically oriented blades of the turbine are rotating above the base of the machine. As a generator, full permanent magnet wind generator is used. Therefore it is not using electricity from the grid to run. The Maglev uses a magnetically levitated low-RPM high-torque power output turbine. As it known, because of the permanent magnets, there is no energy loss through friction. Hence the maintenance costs are automatically dropped when we compare with other classical wind turbines

Maglev prototype
Actually Maglev is not new technology. It has same phenomena with high speed trains in Europe and Asia. It is designed to capture winds from any direction. It means this turbine has not yawing issues. That's why we can say the Maglev turbines convert wind energy to electric energy in a extremely sufficient way.
Offshore maglev turbine
 If it is compared with other classical wind turbines

  • is producing 50% more power.
  • construction is cheaper.
  • has no noise.
  • can produce with small and high wind speeds.
  • Important components are on the ground level.

Vertical axis wind turbine

It was


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