Thursday, May 23, 2013

Siemens 75 m Wind Turbine Blade( World's longest )

Day by day wind industry is going to be massive. The next incredible new is from Siemens. They're building  the world's largest turbine with each blade 75 meters in length. Each blade is made by carbon fiber(Siemens believes the B75 blade is the world’s largest fiberglass component to be moulded in one piece.), and it will be working at coast of Britain in 2014. 

Siemens 6 MW offshore blade

The contract agreed on July 19, 2012 to supply 300 wind turbines with a capacity of 1.8 GW which will be installed between 2014-2017. The 6MW offshore prototype will be working for testing during the next year. 
This 6 MW offshore wind turbine has 154 meters diameter with a swept area of more than 18.600 square meters which is equivalent to the area of approximately two-and-a-half football fields. 6 MW offshore wind turbine can supply approximately 6000 European household with electricity. 

Siemens 6 MW nacelle

The blades will be built in factory in Aalborg, Denmark. One more important point is transporting for these giant wind blades. Normally the distance between factory and Britain is 330 km. But because of re-routing due to over size blades (bridges, roads... are considered) 575 km will be gone. 

Siemens blade transportation

Michael Suess, a board member for Siemens energy sector, said: 'Offshore wind energy has huge potential. Offshore wind conditions are strong and stable, enabling an energy yield which can be about 40 percent higher than onshore.'The United Kingdom, Denmark and Germany in particular are counting on the future of offshore wind energy. We are pleased that our long-term customer DONG Energy has chosen the latest generation of our wind turbines.'Together we are working to further reduce the levelised costs for this environmentally-friendly form of power generation.'

SWT 6.0 MW

Just to compare Airbus A 380 with Siemens 6 MW offshore wind blade !! 

Airbus A 380

Lastly, Vestas has also 8 MW offshore wind turbine with 164 meters diameter !! See:

It was


Semens B75 blade does not use carbon fiber. They are explicit about that on the website for that model. They rely on the less costly glass fiber technology.

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